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Putri N. Rex Petal Grace Easy Hijab

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RM 89.00
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RM 89.00
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Inspired by our best seller collection which is Grace Easy Hijab, we innovated the collection to Grace Easy Hijab using the same material as Petal Satin, a shawl with an attached inner. This semi-instant hijab uses no pins for effortless and easy styling especially to those who like to grab their hijab on the go. Be sure to get this before its too late!

Shawl Material :Petal Satin, a sturdy yet soft and breezy material (sheen satin finish) 
Shawl Design : Half Moon (37inch x 27inch)
Inner Material : High quality viscose cotton
Inner Design : Inner Magic 

DISCLAIMER : Photos are captured in a photography studio/set with bright lights from all angle. The colours are captured as authentic as possible. Bear in mind, colours might vary from due to computer settings.
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