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PUTRI N. REX Yunaverse Collection

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RM 98.00
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Following up on our successful 2021 collaboration, Putri N. Rex is excited to provide another fascinating mini-collab with Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna for her YUNAVERSE 2023 Asia tour. There are12 colours of love included with this special mini collaboration called YUNAVERSE Collectin. To honour Yuna's music career over the preceding 15 years, each set includes Yuna's Edition of Petal Grace and a limited edition Putri N. Rex X YUNA pouch bag. The colour scheme is a representation of every album that Yuna has put out.

Shawl Material :Petal Satin, a sturdy yet soft and breezy material (sheen satin finish)

Shawl Design : Half Moon (37inch x 27inch)

Label : Exclusive Metal Label of PNRxYUNA

Inner Material : High quality viscose cotton

Inner Design : Inner Magic

DISCLAIMER : Photos are captured in a photography studio/set with bright lights from all angle. The colours are captured as authentic as possible. Bear in mind, colours might vary from due to computer settings.
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